Chicken fillet with mushroom sauce, potato dumplings and seasonal salad
35,00 zł
Roulade with pork tenderloin with bacon, sage, pan cake and broccoli panfried dough
42,00 zł
Roasted ribs with baked potatoes and sauerkraut salad
39,00 zł
Meat-stuffed cabbage with tomato sauce
35,00 zł
Beef steak with garlic butter, fries, and salad mix
65,00 zł
Traditional pork loin fried on lard with baked potatoes and stewed cabbage
36,00 zł
Baked trout with garlic bread and home-made sauerkraut salad
46,00 zł
Salmon fillet with black rice, asparagus,and yogurt sauce with mint
48,00 zł